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  • Access Keys:

We have included some of the Government standard access keys throughout this web site to provide you with keyboard shortcuts to important sections and will be looking to add others in the future. If you are using a Windows-based system please press the 'Alt key' and the access key, followed by pressing the 'Return key'. If you are using a Macintosh system please press the 'Ctrl key' and the access key. Listed below are the access keys that you will find on every page:

  • 0 - Accessibility
  • 1 - Home Page
  • 2 - Site Map
  • 3 - Text Only
  • 4 - Contact Us
  • 5 - Disclaimer
  • 6 - Feedback
  • 7 - FAQ
  • 8 - Terms of use
  • 9 - Privacy Policy

  • What are Access key?

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which enable you to navigate to important pages within a site.

  • Do access keys work the same way on all browsers?

No, version 4 of Internet Explorer as well as other commonly used browsers, such as Firefox, Netscape and Opera, only require you to hold down the 'Alt key' and press the relevant access key.Access keys are not supported by Internet Explorer 4.5 (Mac) or Netscape 6 and earlier (PC and Mac). Please note that some assistive technology tools such as the IBM HomePage Reader and WindowEyes already make use of the alt + access key combinations. As such, users of these tools will not be able to use these access keys.

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