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Customs Taxes
  • Customs Duty
Levy/tax charged on imported goods at the following rates:
0-5% Capital Equipment and Raw Materials
15% Intermediate Goods
25% Finished Goods
Customs Duty is charged on the Customs Value (CIF).

  • Import VAT
Collected on behalf of the VAT Division and taxed on imported goods that attract VAT
VAT is charged on the Taxable Value i.e. Customs Value + Customs Duty (+Excise Duty, where applicable) at the rate of 16%

  • Carbon Emmision Surtax
This is charged on all motor vehicles being imported as well as those visiting and transiting. It is an annual charge for those vehicles already in the country based on the engine capacity of the vehicle as shown below;

Engine Capacity in Cubic Centimeters Surtax Rate
1500cc and below 50,000.00
Between 1501cc and 2000cc 100,000.00
Between 2001cc and 3000cc 150,000.00
3001cc and above 200,000.00

* All Dates are displayed in dd/mm/yyyy