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Vision, Mission and Values
  "To be a world class organisation recognized as a beacon of excellence in revenue administration"  
  Mission Statement  
  "To optimise and sustain revenue collection through integrated, efficient, cost effective and transparent systems, professionally managed to meet the expectations of all stakeholders."  
  Our commitment to serving Government, taxpayers, employees and other stakeholders is reflected in our Corporate Values:  
  • Fairness: performing official duties in an impartial manner free of political, personal or other biases;
  • Integrity: exhibiting the highest standards of personal probity and behaviour;
  • Professionalism: performing official duties with skill, care and diligence; and providing the public with service and advice in a professional manner;
  • Innovation: consistently improving on quality, quantity, timeliness and cost.
  • Goal orientation: focusing on the development and achievement of personal and organisational goals in the course of duty;
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