The Zambia police is concerned at the dangers posed to the wellbeing of society by illicit and prohibited goods that come into the country through cross border crimes.

Speaking when he received an award in recognition of exceptional services from the Zambia Revenue Authority, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said, “No illicit and prohibited goods should be allowed to enter our country as they may be detrimental to the good health of unsuspecting members of society.”

Mr. Kanganja noted the escalating levels of smuggling, false declarations and transit fraud which the Authority had to deal with and pledged to continue working with ZRA in the fight against cross border crimes.

He also stated that, “I wish to pledge that Zambia Police will continue rendering assistance in the management and control of all the goods and substances that enter and exit our country so that together we stamp out cross border crime.”

He added that cross border crimes have resulted into the loss of billions of Kwacha through tax evasion, which revenue could have been channeled towards development programmes.

He further commended ZRA for working with other stakeholders like the world Customs Organisation recognising that cross border crime cannot be fought in isolation and expressed gratitude for recognising the contribution of the Zambia Police to border management.

And speaking earlier, ZRA Commissioner General, Kingsley Chanda recognised the critical role that the Zambia Police officers play in border management and stated that, “our officers are widespread and we wish to note that although we are all law enforcement officers, we are heavily reliant on you for a secure and safe working environment.  the 200 police officers currently attached to ZRA countrywide highlights the extent of our collaboration.

He explained that, this year’s International Customs Day has been dedicated to the united efforts of customs to emerge from the corona virus crisis and support people and businesses by strengthening the global supply chain, reinforcing collaboration, harnessing technology and putting “people” at the centre of the transformation processing.

He also stated that every year, line with the World Customs Organisation guidelines, deserving external stakeholders and ZRA staff are award International Customs Day certificates of merit.

Mr. Chanda added that, “this year we have 40 recipients of the ICD awards; with 20 awards going to external stakeholders spreading across government agencies, private sector, media, financial sector, non-financial sector and the clearing industry.”

The ICD 2021 theme is customs bolstering renewal, recovery and resilience for a sustainable supply chain

The International Customs Day is commemorated on the 26th January every year.