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Uploading CSV Files



These are steps to help you add a CSV file to the return upload:


1.       Select “Yes” against “Do you want to upload this section separately in .CSV file?”

2.       Enter the Total sales to Registered Customers as per the total transactions as shown below:


3.       Open an excel sheet and enter transactions in the same format as in main sheet. (Like there are 9 columns in above sheet so you have to enter values in 9 columns) No header is required in new excel and date should be in DD/MM/YYYY format only. A sample transaction is shown below:


4.       Save the file in .csv format by selecting save as option and selection Comma Delimited as shown below:

5.       Log on the web portal and upload the Main Return Form, system will automatically open a page to upload Schedule in CSV if selected Yes in main return form as shown below:


6.       Select the sheet from the path where you have saved it by clicking browse option as shown below and click upload.


7.       Repeat above steps for all Schedules/ Attachments.


Making compliance e-asier


* All Dates are displayed in dd/mm/yyyy