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One Time Password (OTP)



1.   Introduction


The process explained in this guide is to be used for registering for one time password (OTP). It is mandatory for Taxpayers to register for one time password for their online transactions with ZRA. Anyone with internet facilities can register for one time password by accessing the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) web portal on, To register for OTP, you will need to have your mobile phone number and e-mail address registered on the ZRA portal.

Note that even if you have not previously had an email address, it is something that you can easily create as long as you have access to internet facility. For legal obligations of the OTP registration, refer to the Terms and Conditions document on the web portal.



2.   Registering for a One Time Password (OTP)


=>         After filling the email address and mobile phone number click on Register for OTP button. (Refer to figure 1)

=>         The Portal will send two different OTPs, one to your email and the other to your mobile phone and the system will prompt you to provide both.

=>          Enter the received OTPs in the respective fields and click on ‘Verify OTP’ button. (Refer to figure 1)


Figure 1: Register for OTP


On Registration for OTP, an alert will pop up for confirmation as shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2: Confirmation register for OTP


Once you obtain your OTP you can then continue with your online transactions


Making compliance e-asier


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