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Table of Contents

1.      Introduction. 3

2.      Getting Started. 3

2.1         Starting with e-Registration. 3

2.2         Preparation for Registration. 6

2.3         Uploading and Submitting the Form.. 8

2.4         Registering for a One Time Password (OTP). 8

2.5         Acknowledgment generation screen. 10


1.        Introduction

The e-Registration process explained in this guide is to be used only by those taxpayers who do not yet have a Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN).  Taxpayers who already have a TPIN can log onto our website,, and apply for additional tax types.

E-registration is designed to enable taxpayers to register online. Anyone with internet facilities will be able to register for a TPIN and all tax types from anywhere, on the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) web portal, , without having to travel to a ZRA office.

The portal offers major functionalities like :

•             e-Registration, e-Returns, e-Amendment, e-Communication, e-Inquiry and e-Payment

•             News, updates, announcements, Publications, Notices, Tenders

•             Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, London Metal Exchange Prices

•             Tracking the status of various applications on-line, Search Functionality

•             FAQs, Feedback, Integrity Committee Feedback

To apply for registration electronically, a taxpayer has to download the registration excel template (e-Form) from the website. It is advisable to always download the latest template for application. Microsoft Office Excel (version 97, 2000, 2003 or 2007)  must be installed on the computer for this purpose.

2.        Getting Started

2.1 Starting with e-Registration

To start  e-registration, the steps below must be followed:

Ø  Click Internet Explorer icon. The browser will appear. Other browsers like Firefox and chrome are also supported.

Ø  Type the URL in the address bar

Ø  Once the website is connected, the ZRA Home page will appear as shown below in Figure 1.

Ø  On the left hand corner (left menu) of the Home page there is an e-Registration link under e-Services. Click on this link.

Figure 1: Website home page

After clicking on e-Registration, a new screen  as shown in Figure 2 will open.

Figure 2: Taxpayer Registration form

Select ‘New Form’ from the dropdown list as shown in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3: Taxpayer Registration form selection

A new screen will open as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: New registration form

Click on ‘Taxpayer Registration’ to download the template for taxpayer registration. The following will appear on the screen as in Figure 5 below. Click ‘Save’ to save the template on your computer.

Figure 5: Open/Save Taxpayer registration Template

In the template shown in figure 6, indicate all the tax types that you wish to register for.

Figure 6: Application for Tax Registration Template

2.2 Preparation for Registration

After downloading and saving the required template (Figure 6), data can be entered in the template following the steps below:

Ø  Open the downloaded template from your computer.

Ø  Follow the instructions in the help sheet.

Ø  Fill in the template with appropriate data.

Ø  Enter the data as per comments for each block.

Ø  Indicate all the tax types that you wish to register for.

Ø  Once you have completed filling in the data, click the validate button.  This will validate your data and will generate a  sheet which you need to upload.

If  there are no errors in your capturing of the data in the registration template, a message box will appear as in Figure 7.

Figure 7: Validate taxpayer Registration

Click on ‘Yes’ and you will get the following dialogue box to save the generated sheet on your computer as shown in Figure 8

Figure 8: Upload file


A file is generated for the registration process. Click ‘save’.

Click ‘Ok’  to close the dialogue box shown in Figure 9 below and proceed to web portal to upload the generated file


  Figure 9: Save Confirmation

2.3 Uploading and Submitting the Form

Before uploading your form you will need to register for a “One Time Password” (OTP). A One Time Password is a random  number   which is sent to your email address and your mobile  phone  to verify your identity. This  number can only be used once.

To register for OTP, you will need to have your mobile phone number and e-mail address registered on the ZRA portal. For legal obligations of the OTP registration, refer to the Terms and Conditions document on the web portal.

2.4 Registering for a One Time Password (OTP)

Ø  After filling the email address and mobile phone number click on Register for OTP button. ( refer to Figure 10)

Ø  The system will send two separate OTPs to your email and mobile phone and prompt you to provide both.

Ø  Enter the received OTPs in the respective fields and click on ‘Verify OTP’ button. ( refer to Figure 10)

Ø  If the OTPs provided are correct you will be redirected to the upload screen ( refer to Figure 12) where you can upload the upload sheet generated through e-Form.

Figure 10: Register for OTP

On Registration for  an OTP, an alert will pop up for confirmation as shown in Figure 11 below.

Figure 11: Confirmation register for OTP


Figure 12: Upload Registration Sheet



Shown below is the upload screen for the registration form to complete the upload process.

Ø  Provide the required details in the screen

Ø  Check that all your detail are correct and tick on “I Agree to terms and conditions”.

Ø  Click on the upload button.

An alert message will pop up for confirmation as shown in Figure 13. Click ‘Ok’ to continue.

Figure 13: Upload file with Confirmation

After uploading the form your details will be verified by the system.

If the details are correct the system will give a ‘ no error message.’ If there are no errors a submit button will be displayed on the summary page.

If there are errors a list of these will be displayed and you will need to  correct the data and upload the template again.

Note: The system will not allow submission/upload of  a registration sheet untill the errors are corrected.

Figure 14: Transaction id Generation


After uploading, a transaction ID will pop up as shown in Figure 14. Later, this transaction ID code can be used to continue with the registration process for other tax types.

If you wish to continue with the process of uploading of e-Forms of other tax types, download and complete separate e-Forms for these. ( Pay As You Earn, Value Added Tax, Excise, Withholding Tax, Mineral Royalty, Base Tax, Presumptive Tax and for additional place of business.).

Please note down your transaction ID code and click OK to close the window.

To continue with the process later select  cancel (Figure 14)

When you wish to continue with the process select  ‘Continue with previous registration’ option (refer to Figure 3) and enter the transaction ID. Click the submit button.

If  you wish to complete the registration process at once select continue and up load any more e-Forms the system will promt you.

2.5 Acknowledgment generation screen

When you have completed and uploaded all the required e-Forms an acknowledgement receipt will be generated  as shown below

Figure 15: Acknowledgment Receipt screen


You can use the acknowledgement number to track the status of your application online.

Once your application is approved you will receive a sms and email alert informing you that your transaction was successful.

You can download your TPIN certificate from the email sent to you and print it.

2.6 Submit required documents

Depending on the tax types selected during registration you are also required to submit the supporting documents. Documents may be submitted through any of the channels mentioned below:

1.       Online Upload

2.       Visit to ZRA’s taxpayer office

Note: Application process is deemed complete only if you submit all the required documents.

To upload the documents online follow these steps:

a.       Open ZRA web portal (

b.      Open the link ‘Upload Documents’ under ‘Other e-Services’ tab in left menu on the home page.

c.       On the screen for upload documents (refer to figure 16 below) enter the acknowledgement number and the search code and click search button.

d.      Web portal will show the list of documents related to registration. Select the document name and choose the corresponding scanned document file from your computer and click on upload button to upload. In similar manner upload other documents.

e.      After uploading all the documents click on submit button (Refer figure 17) to post all the documents.

Figure 16: Upload Document screen


Figure 17: Upload Document screen


You can also submit the documents by physically submitting the supporting documents at ZRA’s taxpayer office. Please quote the acknowledgement number at the front desk, when submitting the documents.

You can track the status of your application on the web portal using the reference number and search code in your acknowledgement receipt.




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