ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda addressing the media at the ZRA Enforcement Centre in Makeni

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has offered a Motor Vehicle Amnesty to people whose vehicles were dubiously imported into the country to have them properly cleared before 26th May, 2021, without penalties and interest.

ZRA Commissioner General Mr. Kingsley Chanda says the amnesty is as a result of the high number of dubiously imported vehicles in the country. 

“Any illegally imported motor vehicle that will not be cleared by the stated date will be impounded, seized and forfeited to the State without compensation”, Mr. Chanda said.

On Friday 19th March 2021, the Commissioner General toured the ZRA Makeni Enforcement Centre in Lusaka where some of the dubiously imported vehicles have been parked after being impounded following a successful operation in Lusaka, Kitwe and Ndola.

“If anyone has imported a motor vehicle using tax exemptions that they did not qualify for such as the Disability, Public Benefit Organization, New Resident, VAT deferment, and other tax exemption provisions should also use this opportunity to clear their vehicle into the country legally”, added Mr. Chanda.

He revealed that ZRA was currently carrying out a comprehensive audit of the Customs system. This process involves matching the number and details of vehicles imported on the Customs ASYCUD System and the vehicles registered with Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA).

The audit that has been going on for some time now, has revealed serious discrepancies. However, instead of outrightly seizing and forfeiting these vehicles, the Authority has opted to give a grace period and allow the owners to have their vehicles legitimately cleared into the country after paying principal taxes.

No penalties or interest will be charged, and no other administrative sanctions will be applied.  Therefore, anyone driving a vehicle with questionable clearance documents should take advantage of this rare gesture to normalize their importation.

The amnesty will apply from 19th March 2021 to the 26th of May 2021, after which any vehicle with questionable clearance papers will be impounded. The Authority, in conjunction with other Security wings, will ensure that the Zambian roads are free of illegal motor vehicles once and for all.  This is because uncleared vehicles do not just lead to loss of Government Revenue but also causes a serious security risk to the nation because criminals like using unregistered vehicles and/or vehicles with fake registration details.

The Authority would like to warn smugglers of motor vehicles into Zambia, that they will not only lose their vehicles but will also be prosecuted in the Courts of Law.