A healthy employee is an efficient contributor

Recently, the ZRA 04 Officers joined the Commissioner General, Mr. Kingsley Chanda for a keep fit run.

In commending the officers, Mr. Chanda described the run as fun. “I was impressed that the majority managed to run and walk for over 10 km. he said.

Further, he encouraged the officers to keep it up especially the ladies and added “You did extremely well – beyond my expectations”.

In a day’s time, the 05 officers are going for a keep fit programme organised by the Human Resource Department and CG’s office.

The Commissioner has said the keep-fit-ZRA campaign is ongoing and he will run with everyone in the organization.

In this vain, he is encouraging all staff to continue training to ensure they are fit for the sporting activities.

A number of kip fit activities have been organised in the past and participation by various officers including Senior Management has been splendid.

The Authority is determined to ensure all staff are healthy and fit

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