In remembering the late first Republican President Dr. David Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Dr. Kingsley Chanda has called for a fair and equitable tax system as way of honouring the late founding President.

Speaking after signing in the book of condolences at the late Dr. Kaunda’s house in Lusaka, Dr Chanda said Dr. Kaunda achieved a lot for the country despite the economy during his tenure being anchored on parastatals and government owned businesses.

Dr. Chanda said the country can only achieve what Dr. Kaunda achieved using parastatals and government owned businesses if it maximised on taxes.  

“During Kaunda’s era the Zambian government owned the economy, all the businesses were owed by the government including retail.  In the current dispensation the economy is in the private hands and in some cases especially in the mining sector in the hands of foreign investors. The only way you can realised the value that Dr. Kaunda realised during his tenure of office is through taxation by ensuring that those foreign companies are contributing equitably to the treasury through taxes”, Dr. Chand said.

Dr. Chanda added that in order to achieve what Dr. Kaunda achieved using parastatals and government owned businesses, it can only be achieved Zambia maximises its taxes.  

He said the country wants a tax system that is fair, equitable and ensures that Zambians derive value from their natural resources.

And Dr. Chanda said President Kaunda’s impact on humanity was not limited to his family, his country or indeed his continent adding that he proved beyond reasonable doubt that there was value in diversity.  

“As Zambians, we shall always be remembering Dr. Kaunda as a man who managed to unite all 73 tribes of Zambia. I am sure he had very painful last days to see Zambians fighting each other on the basis of tribe, beliefs and political differences, Dr. Chanda said.

He said in his honour Zambians should go back to what he believed “One Zambia, a united Zambia and One Nation”.

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