The Solwezi taxpayers have commended the  Zambia Revenue  Authority (ZRA) for initiating   the meeting to discuss integrity and  the related  issues that affect service delivery and ultimately revenue collection in the country.

Both the taxpayers and  ZRA   officers also acknowledged the ripple effects of lack of integrity to both parties and the country at large.

Solwezi taxpayers have commended the Zambia Revenue Authority for implementing online services that are increasing efficiency in serving taxpayers. The taxpayers also stated that the online systems together with the e-payment systems have made paying of taxes easy.

In addition the taxpayers implored the Authority to enhance its communication and training to the various stakeholders. They also implored ZRA to focus more on implementation once they get feedback from stakeholders.

And speaking earlier, ZRA Northwestern Assistant Director, Garikai Chinyemba  informed the taxpayers that the Authority had been taken integrity talks to include stakeholders to ensure that the matter was upheld by both staff and the stakeholders who are a key partner in taxation.

“Taxation is a partnership as ZRA alone cannot collect taxes, hence our engagement with you our stakeholders,” said Mr. Chinyemba.

He added that one of the reasons for upgrading the Solwezi office was a result of listening to the submissions of the taxpayers whose views ZRA values.

He encouraged the taxpayers to be compliant and engage the Authority whenever they had issues. Further, he invited them to visit the office and to report issues of integrity through the established channels.

“How we are serving you is an issue of integrity. This is why we are having this discussion with you. If there are things we need to do, please do not hesitate to visit. To serve you well calls for integrity within and outside ZRA. Feel free to interact with ZRA. It has a human face and wants to interact with stakeholders,” Mr. Chinyemba added.

In addition, in sharing the institutions position on Integrity, the ZRA Ethics Manager, Violet Mulubwa stated that ZRA having realised the vulnerabilities associated with tax administration, it is imperative that integrity is discussed with both the staff and the taxpayers.

“If we are compromised, it is easy for taxpayers to be compromised. Moreover, if tax collection is mishandled, then the whole country suffers not just ZRA. This is why the Authority pays a lot of attention to ensure tax administration is done the right way,” said Mrs. Mulubwa.

“Because of the ripple effects of lack of integrity, we need you to help us uphold integrity. That is why we don’t not shy away from talking about integrity issues in tax administration,” she added

She further advised the taxpayer to pay correct taxes and to refrain from giving gifts to good officers but to rather write commendation letters for these officers.

Various local businesses including medium and small taxpayers attended the Solwezi Integrity talk.

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