Tax Payer Charter

The Governing Board, management and staff of Zambia Revenue Authority are all committed to ensuring that service and efficiency continue to improve as we implement this Taxpayer Charter which we have developed in broad consultation with our clients. This Taxpayer Charter guarantees that you will receive our best standards of service, not only once but every time you deal with us. We value your contribution and shall rely and use your feedback to provide better service in the future.

If you do not receive the quality of service we have undertaken to provide, or if you do not feel that we have been professional, courteous, fair and respectful, kindly contact our designated offices.



Commissioner General

Standards for ZRA Service Delivery

We undertake to complete the process within 3 days

We undertake to pay the refund within 30 days from the date of lodgment of a VAT refund claim

We undertake to pay the refund within 45 days of submission of lodgment of an income tax return

We undertake to pay the refund within 48 hours of the submission of a refund claim

We undertake to process a clean customs declaration within 1.5 days

We shall issue a tax clearance within 48 hours upon receipt of an application

We undertake to attend to clients within 20 minutes of their arrival at the customer service centre

We undertake to allow our clients their right to appeal; inform them of their rights and obligations and treat them equitably, and in accordance with the law

We undertake to provide clear information on tax matters

We undertake to acknowledge comments, complaints and queries within 5 working days of their receipt

We undertake to respond to all comments complaints and queries within 14 days of their referral to the appropriate manager

We shall treat tax matters with privacy and confidentiality

We shall publish information about our performance against these targets four (4) times a year

  • Cooperate with ZRA officers at all times
  • Submit tax returns and pay taxes on time
  • Provide honest and accurate information to ZRA, including current contact address
  • Demand an official ZRA receipt on all payment
  • Do not offer ZRA officers any payments other than those authorised by the law
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