Transit Procedures

Transit Procedure

When transiting through Zambia with goods the following is the procedure:

Commercial consignment

  • The declaration is made by the clearing agent before the goods arrive at the border
  • the following international trade documents are provided: invoice, airway bill, cargo/road manifest, bill of lading, contract, certificates, permits for controlled or restricted goods etc;
  • Original documents are submitted at the time the goods arrive;
  • The physical goods have to match with the declaration

The ASYCUDA Processing Fee is payable immediately after the declaration is made;

 After payment is made, the declaration is triggered for appropriate Customs intervention;

If the declaration is correct, a release order and a transit document will be issued;

However, incorrect declarations will lead to additional assessment and the system will automatically generate appropriate penalties. A release order will only be issued after payment of penalties.

Passenger in transit

  • If the transit is by road, the goods being moved must report at the port of exit within five (5) days from date of exit from the Customs Yard at the port of entry. The corresponding period for transits by rail is 30 days.
  • If the consignment is a containerized cargo, a Customs seal is put on the container, so that it is not tampered with until it reaches its final destination.
  • Upon reaching the border, the transit documents are presented to Customs officials, the consignment is inspected to verify if the seals, which were put at the source, are intact.
  • Then Customs will acquit the transit document
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