The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) is the National KAIZEN Champion after minting the Grand Champion trophy.

During this year’s National Kaizen Conference held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, ZRA presented five Kaizen projects, of which 2 received Gold recognition while 3 got Silver awards.

The teams, S​mart Pacers (Gold and Grand Champion), Pragmatic (Gold), Innovation (Silver), Hawk Eyes (Silver) and Enhancers (Silver) demonstrated how service delivery can be enhanced within the Authority as they represented different departments.

Several public and private sector organisations presented about thirty two (32) projects to show case the application of Kaizen principles in their respective organisations. The KAIZEN National Conference was organised by the KAIZEN Institute of Zambia Limited.

As the national Tax Administrator, ZRA is committed to continuous improvement in tax systems and processes to enhance revenue collection.

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