Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner Customs, Sydney Chibbabbuka has called on the clearing and forwarding sector to ensure that all exports are processed from inland ports.  
Speaking on when he officiated the Zambia Customs & Forwarding Agents Association (ZCFAA) General Meeting on 23rd September 2021 in Lusaka, Mr. Chibbabbuka inland processing has numerous advantages such as process efficiency and enhanced trade facilitation because trucks carrying exports do not need to stay longer at the borders.
He said benefits include reduced congestion at the borders thereby minimising the risk to spread of Covid-19.
“As a result of exports being processed from inland posts, the results are that border posts will concentrate on imports thereby creating a process efficiency that results in reduced dwell times and costs of doing business”, Mr. Chibbabbuka said. 
Mr Chibbabbuka also took the time to listen to the concerns raised by the clearing agents. The issues included delays at the borders, interceptions by enforcement teams for goods such as removals in bond among them.
He assured the clearing agents that customs value is beyond imports and added exports will always be prioritised because they have a huge indirect benefit to the whole country.
The Commissioner further gave various updates about ZRA including the new customs management system that is likely to ride on the name TaxOnline while the customs aspect will be a module on the said system.
He revealed that on the new systems, challenges such as system instability, bonded warehouses and the transit module will all be running smoothly on the new system.
Later, the Commissioner visited the Lusaka port office to have an engagement with staff on the need to prioritise exports and received feedback on various issues from the members of staff.
The Zambia Customs & Forwarding Agents Association has 36 strong companies that account for over 80% of customs revenue value countrywide.
The event was themed “Collaboration for Sustainability”.  

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