Zambia Revenue Authority is committed to taking services to rural areas as a way of enhancing tax compliance and further more revenue collection.

Speaking after touring the NEW ZRA offices (under construction) ZRA Commissioner General said, Taking our offices to the rural areas will dispel the belief that only people in urban areas pay taxes.

“We need the culture of paying taxes to improve so that each person can pay their taxes equitably. Only then will we develop our country.

He added that when more people people taxes, the country will have enough to will help develop our nation.

The Authority is keen on building offices across the country although due to constraints priority is ensuring that in all provincial capitals ZRA will have own ZRA offices.

Further, Mr. Chanda added that through this infrastructure development, ZRA will also add to the infrastructure stock on the nation.

The Commissioner General who is accompanied by Commissioner Finance Brigitte Muyenga, Director Administration Callistus Kaoma and other staff from Lusaka, is happy with the pace of work progress.

The new structure being built at a cost of about Ten Million Kwacha is expected to be handed over to ZRA before the end of December 2020

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