ZRA Commissioner Customs Services addressing the media during the launch of WhatsApp Tax Pay

There is no turning back. It’s a mission to attain the vision- to be a world class model of excellence in revenue administration and trade facilitation.

This vision has seen the modernisation agenda gain unprecedented momentum in the last four years culminating into the launch of a taxpayer-oriented Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP-2019-2021). At this point, The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) developed new corporate values namely: Taxpayer focus, Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation and Networking (TPIN).

With time, the Authority’s core business operations have been centred on these entwined values with innovation and networking driving the modernisation programmes with the aim of simplifying business processes.

Currently, TaxOnline remains the biggest success story together with other e-services on mobile platforms. Added to that is the fact that TaxOnApp will be launched soon, while a local customs management system will as be developed and integrated into TaxOnline.

With the creation of the Innovation Hub in Kalundu, the list of innovations seems to be endless. However, another giant game-changer has been introduced by the Authority today- WhatsApp Tax Pay.

With the roll-out taking place at Le Elementos Hotel in Lusaka, Commissioner Customs Services, Sydney Chibbabbuka, who represented the ZRA Commissioner General, said the WhatsApp Tax Pay IS another milestone in the zra transformation agenda of modernising all business processes.

MR. Chibbabbuka said the innovation will enable taxpayers pay their taxes using WhatsApp on their mobile phones ultimately bringing convenience, efficiency, comfort and simplicity to tax payment.

“This is the first for Zambia and we are proud as an authority to lead the way in WhatsApp payment. we are also proud to be a business leader in innovation for this country. As you may be aware, this year we launched the new TaxOnline system which is the largest ITC solution ever built in Zambia, by Zambians, for the Zambian market”, Mr. Chibbabbuka said.

He said the benefits of online payments cannot be overemphasised especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic where physical money can be a medium for transmitting the disease.

Mr. Chibbabbuka said called upon all taxpayers to file in the returns online before the due dates and submit declarations to customs prior to arrival of goods at the border and ensure that all payments are made electronically.

And cGgrate Managing Director Kelvin Chikomo emphasised the need to make payment of taxes easier in order to increase compliance.

Mr. Chikomo said 543 Konse Konse, the common name for cGgrate, ventured into the collaboration with ZRA after realising the need to provide an easy platform taxpayer can utilise conveniently.

And Investrust Managing Director Simangolwa Shakalima reiterated his bank’s desire to ensure that taxpayers enjoy the convenience of using digital banking by introducing innovations such as the WhatsApp Tax Pay.

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