The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has intercepted a truck laden with 30 tons of Rosewood logs destined for Vietnam.

The consignment was intercepted on Wednesday, 24th August, 2022 at the Lusaka Port Office during an inspection. ZRA officers conducted a 100% verification on the truck and were able to confirm that there was a concealment of logs that were thicker than the allowable 0.15 centimetres. However, some logs were as thick as 0.32 centimetres which is illegal.

ZRA, in collaboration with other government agencies, continues to be vigilant to curb trade on prohibited, illicit/counterfeit goods and other transnational economic crimes.

The fight against smuggling will continue for all goods in and out of Zambia. To that effect, the Enforcement Unit is active in all major entry ports and other selected areas.

Taxpayers are encouraged to pay their taxes and remain compliant within tax laws in order to avoid punitive enforcement measures including prosecution and forfeiture of vehicles carrying smuggled or counterfeit goods.

The Authority will not tolerate any form of smuggling or concealment of goods in and out of the country resulting into revenue loss for the government. ZRA remains committed in building taxpayers trust through improved trade facilitation to foster compliance and make taxpaying experience better.

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