The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) last night intercepted and impounded a containerized truck carrying smuggled alcohol destined for COMESA market.

However, the interception was not an easy one as it turned into one where Customs officers and Zambia Police Service officers had to fend of the wrath of smugglers who were throwing stones at them.

The impounded truck laden with smuggled alcohol at the ZRA Makeni Yard

The truck was first intercepted in Kafue upon which the driver was instructed to take the truck to the ZRA Makeni enforcement centre under escort. The driver however, decided to defy the instructions and increased speed to take the truck to COMESA market.

The Police officer who was on the truck as part of the escort team could only fire gunshots to warn the truck driver and the smugglers who joined the traffic chase blocking ZRA officers on Kafue Road.

 “In an effort to repel the attack and avoid causing chaos on the road, ZRA officers called for reinforcement from the Zambia Police Service and other security wings.

Bullet holes on the windshield of the truck

Combined reinforcement teams were immediately activated and deployed. The truck was later found inside COMESA Market and smugglers started stoning the customs officers and security team.

However, the smugglers were dispersed and the truck driver who was part of the smugglers was nabbed and more arrests are yet to be made.

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has strongly warned smugglers that the Authority is equal to the task of ensuring that it executes its mandate of revenue collection and facilitation of legitimate trade.

Mr. Chanda has said all perpetrators of smuggling and other forms of tax evasion will be brought to book.

He said the Authority will stick to its word of seizing the goods and vessels from anyone involved in smuggling.

“This is what we meant, and no one will be spared in this fight. We have smugglers who think they are immune and connected but we want to assure them that we are coming after you”, Mr. Chanda has warned.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda talks to journalists at the Makeni Yard

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