A Zambia Revenue Authority donation of school desks to Bissell Community School in Lusaka West has helped the school to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines as prescribed by the government, while increasing school enrolment. 

Speaking in an interview, the school’s Deputy Head Teacher Moffat Simwanza said that the 120 desks donated last year by ZRA have helped the school a lot, especially during this COVID-19 period as they are able to provide room for social distancing while learning. He added that as a result of the availability of enough desks, the School has even created afternoon classes to accommodate more learners. 

“The number of learners is increasing every day because of good furniture. Children are now coming from all the neighbouring communities because of the positive impact of the donated desks. We are making a very big impact on the community,” Mr. Simwanza said.

And a visit to another recipient of ZRA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Chelstone Clinic where the Authority installed a backup solar power solution and donated a stove, microwave and electric kettle at the Maternity ward, found that the facilities were functioning very well. 

Acting Nurse In-charge at the Clinic Serah Mwambanabantu said that the donation of the solar power solution was a great addition to the Clinic as it has been helping a lot with lighting during electricity blackouts as well as cost-saving on electricity. 

“We used to deliver women using candles, phone torches and rechargeable torches during power outages, but now solar power has sorted out everything,” she said.

Commenting on the development, ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said it was gratifying to hear that the institution’s CSR activities are making a positive impact on society. 

“The essence of our CSR programme is to bring ZRA closer to communities. For ZRA, we believe in CSR because it draws us closer to our taxpayers and communities to an extent that we call it Corporate Social Investment. This investment makes us be part of communities and gives us a more robust “social licence” to operate in these communities,” he said. 

In the past few years, ZRA has engaged itself in a lot of CSR activities. Some of them include rehabilitation of a water reticulation system at Buseko market, donation of wheelchairs and hospital linen at the University Teaching Hospital and donation of motor vehicles. Recently, the Authority also donated double door fridges and microwaves to all hospitals and clinics in Lusaka province. 

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